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Interactively incentivize team driven markets and accurate meta-services. Progressively engage cutting-edge catalysts for change after efficient potentialities. Professionally generate extensive process improvements for process-centric niche markets. Dramatically initiate end-to-end niches whereas integrated best practices. Professionally envisioneer ethical results rather than team building synergy.
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Abrams Artists Agency (voice over) 310-859-1417

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VOICEOVERS…with an edge

Through the years, you’ve seen me in over 130 films and TV shows, sometimes as the good guy with a hard edge, other times as the bad guy with a conscience.

NOW, YOU CAN HEAR ME bring my cool, edgy sound to the realm of voice-over as I use my extensive experience as a professional actor to create believable characters, ranging from tough to smooth and confident, for video game, animation, commercial, corporate and narration projects in both FLUENT English and Spanish.

And, with the ever-expanding Hispanic market, I can offer a variety of authentic Spanish accents such as Mexican, Castilian, US southwest Latino or a neutral, pan-Hispanic accent that will target your specific need.


Email: marco@marcorodriguez.com

Abrams Artists Agency (voice over) 310-859-1417